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The RL Industries on-staff engineers are experienced in the design and fabrication of complex FRP and composite equipment. RL designs process critical equipment for extreme chemical, pressure, and temperature environments. Clients rely on RL's experience and expertise for complete equipment design and engineering.

RL Industries on-staff registered engineers perform or oversee all designing and engineering calculations. Our engineers are registered in over 13 states and have decades of experience in the design of complex composite, FRP and dual laminate equipment.

Our engineers provide complete certified design calculations for the equipment we supply. Our design calculations are based on the latest ASME codes and standards. We structure our calculations to simplify the client review and approval process. Our calculations are based on mechanical properties derived from extensive laminate testing performed in our ASME audited testing facility.

Our engineers are able to produce detailed fabrication drawings that meet the demanding submittal requirements of our clients. Our drawings include the detailed laminate schedules and reinforcement specifications required for designs involving high strength, highly directional composite material. Our drawings are based on Autodesk AutoCAD 2D and Dassault Systems SolidWorks 3D software platforms.

Our engineers design single use and permanent multi-pull tooling. Our engineers work together with in-house pattern and machine shop departments to produce the molds and fixtures.

We are able to use in-house expertise and material supplier resources to assist clients with material selection. Our engineers verify that the selected combination of resin polymers and fiber reinforcements are suitable for the design environment.

Our engineers manage ongoing internal process development programs. These programs dedicate resources to improve manufacturing processes and composite material performance.