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Manufacturing Processes

Vacuum Infusion

RL Industries specializes in large scale vacuum infusion of critical FRP, composite, and dual laminate structures. RL Industries implemented large scale vacuum infusion molding in the mid 1990’s. RL’s engineers take advantage of the enhanced material properties yielded by the vacuum infusion process. RL’s facilities are equipped with the plant wide utilities necessary for simultaneous infusion of multiple large scale composite structures.

Filament Winding

RL Industries Filament winds up to 30 foot diameter vessel shells using vertical and horizontal winding systems. RL's engineers tailor laminate sequences to meet specific equipment design criteria.

Open Molding (hand layup and spray up)

RL Industries uses both hand lay up and spray up processes to fabricate composite structures. RL's laminators and secondary bonders are certified per the requirements of ASME RTP-1.


RL Industries has dedicated presses for resin transfer molding of custom composite parts using two sided hard tooling. RTM tools are machined in-house and designed specifically for our presses.

Dual Laminate Fabrication

RL Industries is certified by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to stamp dual laminate FRP vessels per the requirements of ASME RTP-1 Appendix M-12. RL is certified to stamp vessels with mechanically bonded or chemically bonded thermoplastic linings (lining classification A).

Thermoplastic Fabrication

RL Industries provides complete in-house thermoplastic fabrication and machining capabilities. RL is equipped to form, weld, and machine all of the following thermoplastics: PTFE, PFA, FEP, MFA, ETFE, ECTFE, PVDF, PVDF-Flex, Polypropylene, CPVC, and PVC. RL specializes in the fabrication of thermoplastic components for aggressive chemical and high purity applications.


RL Industries provides complete in-house metal and thermoplastic machining capabilities. RL's facilities are outfitted with turning and CNC milling equipment for precision machining of metallic and composite materials.

Metal Fabrication

RL Industries provides complete in-house metal fabrication facilities . Metallic components for pressure vessel projects are manufactured in-house to ensure proper component fit-up. Vessel components include support rings, guide rings, hold down lugs, lifting lugs, ladders, platforms, and handrails.

CNC Reinforcement Cutting

RL Industries uses precision ultrasonic CNC cutting equipment to machine cut composite reinforcements. Reinforcement schedules and profiles are engineered and transferred directly to automated equipment. RL's CNC cutting cell also cuts thermoplastics and elastomeric materials allowing in-house production and oversight of all critical project components.

CNC Routing

RL Industries' CNC routing capabilities provide in-house trimming and cutting of composite components and materials.

CNC Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

RL Industries' abrasive water jet cutter provides precision profile cutting capabilities of composite materials and components.

Pattern Making

RL Industries provides complete in-house pattern making capabilities for production of single pull and multi-pull molds for composite part production. Permanent composite tools are also produced from master patterns produced in our pattern shop.

Tool Fabrication

RL Industries provides complete in-house tooling and mold making capabilities. RL's machining, metal fabricating, CNC routing, and pattern making facilities allow complete tool systems to be built in house.